Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

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June 23, 2016

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Everyone woman notices this when we are in line at the supermarket checkout. The magazines to our left, usually gossip, but agree with me on this, on every cover you will see something about a new “diet” that allows you to lose 10 lbs. in ten minutes. Really?

The only way to modify or maintain, is proper diet, sleep and exercise. As seen in

Healthy Eating

The American Chiropractic Association Council on Nutrition defines the “Building Blocks for Healthy Eating” as consuming 6-8 (8 oz.) glasses of purified water every day, 4-6 servings of complex carbohydrates from frozen or fresh vegetable and beans (or vegetable juices), 2-3 servings of complex carbohydrates from starches, 2-3 servings of protein (including vegetarian sources), 1-3 servings of fruits (fresh, frozen, dried, or even juice), 1-2 servings of unsaturated/non-hydrogenated fats, and no servings of simple (white flour/sugar) carbohydrates.  Of course they recommend avoiding known food allergens.2


fort worth chiropractic

I go one step beyond, because I think a physical compass has four points. Chiropractic, diet, sleep and exercise. As a Fort Worth Chiropractor Dr. Wadley suggests, once a history is performed, visiting the clinic at least once a month to maintain that cornerstone compass balance. We need optimal efforts in each of these areas to see the results we hope for in achieving great health. Imagine a sprinkler hose with a kink in it, what happens to the water output at the other end? The same things happen in our nervous system. Bad conduction, equals bad results, not just our muscles but our digestive system, metabolism, circulation and just general function overall. It would be like putting a plant in freezing temperatures and seeing it slowly die. So, right the environment also has to be where we place ourselves. The first step in this process in Dr. Wadley’s Clinic.

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